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A mosquito buzzing around your room is not only extremely annoying,an apparently innocent bite can also have grave consequences.Just think of serious infections or even malaria!

In our efforts to provide you with restful and quality sleep.Magic Koil is proud to present you an extremely effective mosquitoes free solution,the innovation mattress.

Magic Koil innovation not only keeps the mosquitoes and other annoying insects away from you,it also protect against dust mite and keeps fungi and bacteria away from the mattress. And because
it fully protects against dust mites.this mattress is recommended for people suffering from asthma,sinus infections,eczema,hay fever and other allergies.

Magic Koil innovation Mosquitoes FreeMattress has been intensively tested by numerous research centres such as:
-The London School of hygiene and tropical Medicine.UK
-School of Publlc Health and Tropical Medicine. Australia
- The UK National Health Service
- Faculty of Medicine. Chinese University of Hong Kong
Scientific tests have shown that our mosquitoes free mattress not only reduces mosquitoes activity, it also provides efficlent protection against 644 different bacteria and fungi.Including dangerous micro organisms such as MSRA and Escheria Coli.

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Mattress ::
Super Single - 42" x 75"

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Selected Size : Mattress : Super Single - 42" x 75", Thickness 10"

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Online Price : S$ 419

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